Why Everyone Deserves Access to Quality Mental Health

November 7, 2018
Grace Chang

Access to quality mental health should not be limited by income. An average therapy session can run between $100-$250, seldom--if ever--covered by insurance, and according to the National Gallop poll, 8 out of 10 Americans are afflicted by daily stress. Unfortunately, there will never be sufficient experts to satisfy the demand for therapy and while strides have been made with Eastern philosophy such as yoga and meditation, we are still short on the tools and framework to address ongoing mental health issues, and even more so when in a distressed emotional state.

Unfortunately, there will never be sufficient experts to satisfy the demand for therapy.

Andrew Ng, famously co-founded Google Brain and grew Baidu’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) group into several thousand people, invested in an $8m seed round in Woebot, a chatbot to help millions struggling with depression worldwide. According to Ng, “AI will transform mental health.” Kintsugi provides an effective, emotionally-intelligent and responsive tool to help thousands feel more satisfied, well-balanced, and retain a sense of agency in their daily wage against stress, anxiety, and depression. Kintsugi also leverages AI/NLP but in a different and more clever way that utilizes our best selves in self-introspection at a later less-emotionally charged state.

Employers are searching for cost-effective solutions to keep teams happy despite the rigors and stress of challenging work. According to the World Health Organization, “Depression and anxiety have a significant economic impact; the estimated cost to the global economy is $1 trillion USD per year in lost productivity.” Everyone wants to optimize towards the most productive outcome, employers and workers alike, and with individuals set to gain the most from personal work-life balance, there couldn’t be a better time for a voice-activated solution to pave the way for mindfulness.


Gallop Poll source: https://news.gallup.com/poll/224336/eight-americans-afflicted-stress.aspx
Gallop Poll source: https://news.gallup.com/poll/224336/eight-americans-afflicted-stress.aspx

To learn more about Kintsugi, an award-winning voice journaling app for mindful wellness, please visit www.kintsugihello.com to download the iOS app built by and for professionals on-the-go. Adopted by professionals from Google, Apple, Facebook, Nike, Microsoft, UCSF, Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, UCLA, and dozens others, Kintsugi leverages a time-tested method of journaling with people’s natural tendency to want to talk things out into a beautifully designed on-demand app ready for a range of human emotions. If you are an employer and want to learn more about adding mindfulness to your team’s personal growth, please contact sales at sales@kintsugihello.com. We do provide a discounted rate for non-profits and student organizations.

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