We’re scaling access to mental healthcare with sound solutions.

Our platform of products helps close the gaps in mental healthcare from three different angles.

Kintsugi Voice

Identifying Conditions through Enterprise

Patients may not say they have a problem, but we hear it. Our enterprise software seamlessly integrates into existing clinical workflows and call centers to identify and triage behavioral health conditions in seconds. By objectively measuring symptoms and their severity, we can help connect those in need with the right resources at the right time.

Kintsugi Connect

Providing Access to Care

Finding available resources for behavioral health conditions just got easier. After a condition is identified through an interaction with their health system or insurance company, individuals can be routed to Kintsugi Connect to find the right resources in their area of need. Our partners include exceptional therapists, psychiatrists, and mental health apps, so help is always just a few clicks away.

Kintsugi App

Empowering Individuals at Home

The Kintsugi App prompts users to engage in voice journaling, which helps them gain insights into their own mental wellbeing and track their progress over time. The self-reflection and awareness that comes with regular use plays a crucial role in prompting behavior change and personal growth.


Clinically proven impact.

We train and validate our voice biomarker AI models by conducting clinical trials with prestigious academic institutions and collaborating with top experts and research partners in healthcare.