Meet the Kintsugi Team: Harrison Costantino

April 20, 2021

Kintsugi, a fast-growing Berkeley-based mental health startup, is scaling up across multiple roles and all levels of experience to help shape the future of mental healthcare. 

We are a lean team of hard-working, thoughtful, and curious individuals.  The work at Kintsugi is a mixture of highly independent and collaborative, where team members are excited about problem-solving and often take initiative for project ownership. At Kintsugi, members have an opportunity to create solutions and meaningful impact while being a part of a team that is passionate about scaling access to mental healthcare. We are excited to welcome ambitious and talented people into our empathic community.  Today we highlight Harrison, who is our Machine Learning Researcher!

Harrison graduated this past year from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Science. While a student, Harrison maintained a 4.0 GPA in Computer Science, and worked as a researcher in the UC Berkeley RISE Lab. Additionally, he has utilized his math skills by serving as a math tutor for 10 years and taught a calculus study group for Berkeley students. He is passionate about deep learning and applying state-of-the-art approaches to create positive change. Harrison is a long-time Eagle Scout and is a proud cat dad of two.


About Harrison

University, Class, Major: UC Berkeley Class of 2021, BA in Mathematics and Computer Science

Job title: Machine Learning Researcher

Fun Fact: I’m an avid backpacker and have hiked in rainforests, canyons, mountain ranges, and even atop glaciers!

Why did you choose Kintsugi when on your job search? 

I struggled with mental health issues for most of my sophomore and junior years at Berkeley. When beginning my job search, Kintsugi jumped out at me because they are trying to solve a problem I myself had faced in the previous years (greater access to mental health care). I also loved the team at Kintsugi and was excited about working for a small, early-stage startup.

What kind of projects have you worked on in your time at Kintsugi? 

As one of the ML researchers, I’ve pretty much exclusively worked on improving our model. Despite only working on one project, my work has been varied and intellectually rewarding. As part of my job, I have had to research speech and digital signal processing, read mental health medical journals, and stay up to date with the rapidly advancing field of deep learning. My daily routine consists of running both large and small-scale experiments and analyzing/tweaking them (which is a fancy way of saying I stare at graphs all day).

How has working at a mission-aligned, diverse company like Kintsugi shaped your career path? 

Hard to say! I’m still pretty early in my career. Coming from Berkeley’s CS department, many of my friends have landed jobs at FAANG companies or other large companies in areas like finance and consumer electronics. Contrasting the two environments has shown me that working on a product I actually care about and personally believe in is more important to myself than I would have thought post college. So far I’ve had a very positive experience working within Kintsugi and value the diversity here.

What words of advice would you give to new team members at Kintsugi?

No one here is scary! Feel free to reach out with any questions-technical, business-related, or otherwise-to anyone!

What are 3 words you would use to describe the Kintsugi culture? 

Passionate, determined, cordial

Share a favorite All-Hands/video conference moment.  

When everyone shows off their pets!

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