Kintsugi Welcomes Albert Ihochi, Head of Business Development

June 28, 2022
Alice Kim

Kintsugi warmly welcomes Albert Ihochi, Head of BD. Albert will be leading Business Development strategy and expansionary efforts across marquee healthcare clients and new GTM segments. Albert’s leadership in innovation, strategy, and partnerships formerly across Abbott, CAS, Intel, and Bain will serve to advance Kintsugi’s ambitious growth initiatives across the healthcare ecosystem.

Albert is a seasoned business development executive who brings 15+ years of experience in management consulting, engineering, venture partnerships, and IP strategy across AI/ML technologies, life sciences, digital healthcare, and therapeutics. Albert has a track record of delivering new solutions that connect with customers and has led core, adjacent, and disruptive innovation programs.

“When you’re building your dream team, at best, you find someone who shares your team’s values, has extraordinary aptitude, and is relentless in bringing their A-Game everyday. Albert, naturally, embodies all of the above.” 

Grace Chang, Founder/CEO

Kintsugi is on a mission to scale access to mental healthcare with world-class leaders who represent the makeup of the people we serve. With significant expertise in growth strategy, partnership development, and scaling organizations, we could not be more excited to have Albert as a partner in building toward our vision for the future of healthcare.

Albert received his MBA from The Wharton School of Business and also has a Masters in Materials Science & Engineering from Stanford University. He lives in Columbus, OH, and enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, playing soccer, and traveling.

We sat down with Albert to get his take on his first week

We’re thrilled you’re here. Why did you decide to join Kintsugi?

I’ve had family members who struggled with depression and anxiety, so I know firsthand how much of an impact mental health challenges have on our daily lives. Also, while I was at Abbott I studied cognitive health quite a bit. I learned how difficult it was to identify and help those in need, and how far our healthcare environment had to progress to even begin to address these challenges. When I connected with Grace and Rima and learned more about what Kintsugi was trying to do, I knew immediately that I wanted to help. It was an ideal situation for me: a space with huge need that I care deeply about, passionate super-smart founders, incredibly talented team, and technology that enables us to address the needs differently. 

What surprised you about Kintsugi and why now?

The sheer level of excitement surrounding Kintsugi and its technology. Given the market need and Kintsugi’s unique approach I knew that customers and partners would be interested, but the engagement has been off the charts! As someone coming in to help with Business Development, that kind of environment is incredibly energizing.

What do you hope to learn from your new teammates?

Everything (or at least, as much as I can absorb)! Having spent so much time in innovation and growth strategy in the past, I have a natural desire to “connect the dots” across all aspects of our business - customer insight, business model, product, technology, clinical, and regulatory. This means learning as much as I can as quickly as possible!

Fun fact?

I’m a huge soccer fan. I grew up playing competitively and still try to play when I can, although not nearly as well as I used to! I’m a big supporter of Liverpool - YNWA!

Thank you for entertaining our questions and welcome to the team, Albert!  

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