Kintsugi Insider Interview: Oleksii Abramenko

December 20, 2023

Today, we’re excited to introduce Oleksii, an accomplished machine learning engineer with nearly a decade of experience, including deep knowledge with audio ML, speech recognition and ML-based audio processing. 

Most recently employed at Mentium Technologies Inc., as a Machine Learning Software Engineer, Oleskii has experience across leading cutting-edge technology companies, including NeoSensory, ZenRobotics, Speechly.  At NeoSensory, Oleksii worked directly with the CTO and was instrumental in taking the product Clarify–a hearing aid device that allows people to experience speech through vibrations on the skin–to market. 

Oleksii’s portfolio includes primary authorship in academic papers, co-authoring patents, and proficiency in various deep learning models and tools such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, AWS, and GCP.  Academic tenures at Aalto University, and research stints at CERN reflect his diverse experience in ML, speech recognition, computer vision, and algorithm development. His impactful contributions range from designing neural network accelerators to pioneering novel quantization techniques for ASR systems, all of which have culminated in substantial achievements, including sales exceeding $1 million for a product he worked on.

His alignment with Kintsugi is driven by a profound interest in expanding his contributions to the realm of speech technology. With previous experience in ML healthcare, Oleksii is enthusiastic about leveraging his expertise in companies specializing in speech domains. His affinity for ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) stands out as one of his fortes, and he's motivated by our company's mission, eager to contribute to the creation of impactful products.

“I’m beyond thrilled to have Oleksii joining our product team! Oleksii's invaluable expertise in ML and transformative product development–notably highlighted by his pivotal role in the success of Clarify at NeoSensory–will significantly advance our mission to revolutionize mental health care by leveraging voice biomarkers and AI technology.” - Deepak Ghosh, Head of Product at Kintsugi

We’re so excited to have you here. Why did you decide to join Kintsugi? 

Earlier in my career I worked at an AI healthcare domain startup and witnessed how much AI can do to improve people's quality of life. I believe that modern AI technology can revolutionize healthcare and Kintsugi is on the forefront of such a revolution. The use of voice biomarkers allows to streamline low-cost mental health check-ups without compromising their accuracy. This will enable patients to take preemptive steps at early stages and ensure their mental and physical well-being.

I feel privileged and excited that I have the opportunity to be a part of the team which drives this global change in healthcare.

So far, what has surprised you about Kintsugi?

I am pleasantly surprised that despite having such a small team for such an ambitious project, Kintsugi is able to iterate and make progress towards its goals so quickly.

What do you hope to learn from your new teammates?

Paralinguistic speech processing is a highly non-trivial yet exciting topic within the audio machine learning domain. I am looking forward to learning more about practical aspects concerning the extraction of the voice biomarkers and AI algorithms used for this as well as best practices of customer-oriented product development.

Share more about your technical knowledge and how you hope to apply your expertise here at Kintsugi. 

I consider myself to be an audio and speech oriented ML engineer expert. Before Kintsugi, I worked on the development of a low-latency ASR system for embedded devices as well as speech recognition engines for real-time transcription. In addition to this, I have accomplished several big projects within the classical audio DSP domain. I am excited to apply this experience to Kintsugi and to transforming the future of mental healthcare.

I fully expect that my work will include various aspects of ML acoustic modeling and target metrics optimization as well as finding ways of how to improve the quality and size of the training data to enable more precise knowledge extraction by the ML model. I could not be more excited!

Fun Fact? 

During university, I engaged in competitive athletics specializing in Track & Field, specifically competing in the 60m and 100m sprint events!


Kintsugi is on a mission to scale access to mental healthcare with world-class leaders who represent the makeup of the people we serve. With deep technical and MLE expertise in building and scaling successful products, we are beyond thrilled to have Oleksii join our team as a thought leader and partner to accelerate our vision for improving access to mental healthcare.

A fast-growing Berkeley-based mental health startup, we are scaling up and hiring for various roles. Check out our Careers Page.

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