Kintsugi Insider Interview: Peeyush Aggarwal

March 13, 2024

Please join us in warmly welcoming Peeyush Aggarwal to the Kintsugi team! With nearly two decades of experience in backend engineering, Peeyush brings a wealth of expertise in delivering innovative and scalable solutions that perfectly align with our mission here at Kintsugi.

In his most recent role as Director of Engineering at Shippo, he led the development teams for both the Small and Midsize Business (SMB) and App Business lines, directly influencing 50% of the company's revenue through delivering innovative and scalable solutions. With over nine years of engineering management experience, Peeyush has excelled in hiring and mentoring engineering managers, established foundations for UI libraries and Shared Code, and seamlessly incorporated Agile Methodologies to enhance speed and growth.

His tenure at Shippo is marked by the strategic revamp of the web application from Angular to React, significantly improving the platform's performance and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Peeyush achieved a remarkable 75% reduction in Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and a 50% reduction in Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) through the strategic implementation of cutting-edge digital experience intelligence tools. His contributions have been instrumental in refining processes such as bug management and release management, as well as designing rule engines for efficient deployment workflows, demonstrating his ability to leverage technology to drive business success.

Peeyush's journey to Kintsugi was fueled by a passion for greenfield technologies that are revolutionizing traditional industries. The innovative application of AI for mental health in an underserved market struck a chord with him, aligning perfectly with his passion for meaningful innovation. Joining Kintsugi was not just a career move for Peeyush, but a definitive win that reignites his enthusiasm for making a real impact.

“I’m so excited to have Peeyush as a part of our team! His extensive expertise in full stack engineering and infrastructure at very large scales will help take Kintsugi’s products to the next level. His strong technical background and leadership will advance our mission to transform mental health care through the utilization of AI-based solutions. ” – Deepak Ghosh, Head of Product

1. We’re so excited to have you here. Why did you decide to join Kintsugi?

I have always had a passion for greenfield technologies that are revolutionizing traditional industries. Discovering Kintsugi, with its innovative application of AI for mental health in an underserved market, resonated deeply with me. It not only aligned with my passion but also offered the opportunity for meaningful innovation that I had been missing. It is a definite win for me and I could not be more excited. 

2. So far, what has surprised you about Kintsugi? 

I have been pleasantly surprised by Kintsugi's steadfast dedication to its mission and its strategic approach to driving impact. I think what has impressed me the most so far is how the team is small yet set up for success and scale. 

3. What do you hope to learn from your new teammates?

I can't wait to go deeper and learn more about Product, Technology, Execution, and Roadmap. Learning the customer needs, technical challenges, and how to proceed forward and grow and scale sustainably from here.

5. Share more about your technical knowledge and how you hope to apply your expertise here at Kintsugi. 

My Career spans almost 20 years working at a variety of startups and technologies. I am primarily a backend engineer dealing with large-scale distributed systems. What made me choose Kintsugi was the novel technology the team here is working on, some of which overlaps with my past experience, and working in a high-stakes environment. I am looking forward to working on backend and infrastructure problems here to stabilize, improve, and take Kintsugi’s products forward. Our will be a game changer in scaling access to mental healthcare and has the power to transform behavioral health. 

4. Fun Fact?

I'm a dedicated tinkerer, and my desk reflects my love for creation. Everything from electronics like chips and soldering stations to a 3D printer–I've even built one of my guitars using my 3D printer!



Kintsugi is on a mission to scale access to mental healthcare with world-class leaders who represent the makeup of the people we serve. With deep technical and backend engineering expertise in building and scaling successful products, we are beyond thrilled to have Peeyush join our team as a thought leader and partner to accelerate our vision for improving access to mental healthcare. 

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