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Large Payor Case Study

March 6, 2023
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Client Profile

One of the country’s largest payors with millions of members and billions in revenues was looking to improve its member services and differentiate its MCO plans in behavioral health. The Payor was conducting mental health screenings on its recently discharged ED patients and patients in Maternal Health with a PHQ2, but were worried that depressed patients might still be slipping through cracks.


They decided to partner with Kintsugi, to test the ability of AI and members’ voices to conduct mental health screenings at scale and unlock risk stratification for their member base. Rather than just providing a binary output of Depressed or Not Depressed, Kintsugi Voice produces shades of depression so that treatment plans can be tailored to severity.  This boosts patient and business outcomes.

Pilot Insights


Risk stratification means you can streamline the right level of preventive care at the right time for each and every patient and save money.

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